Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Reflecting on the academic year has allowed for me to look back at my initial statement of intent which I had set out for myself in September. This allowed for me to list out the briefs I initially set for myself to complete throughout the year. These were as follows:

1.     Joymaker (Live Brief)
2.     Jade Clark, Look Book Vol 02.
3.     Cupcakery Branding and Identity
4.     Cosmetics Line – Branding and Promotion
5.     Fashion, Music and Lifestyle Magazine
6.     Marbella Luxury Weekend Re-Brand
7.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria
8.     Zine
9.     Scare Tactics – Collaboration with Bethany Dalzell
1.  Packaged Notebooks

Out of the 10 briefs initially set, only several were completed. Various were altered to form a slightly different brief, based on my developing interests and personal/professional direction. I also had changed several briefs to be more tailored towards a fashion/beauty portfolio, following the direction I would like to take with my career and continued freelance works.

The briefs that were completed from the list above are as follows:

1.     Jade Clark, Look Book Vol 02.
2.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria
3.     Scare Tactics – Collaboration with Bethany Dalzell
4.     Packaged Notebooks

Several briefs changed. These as as follows:

1.     Cosmetics Line = Four Paws
2.     Marbella Luxury Weekend Re-Brand = Marbella Lifestyle and Culture Supplement
3.     Zine = The Fall of Rome/Tunisia Zine

I also started the brief, Joymaker, however both my client, Claire for various reasons that have been noted on my blog and myself, put this on hold. This brief will be picked up later on in the year once my academic studies have been completed, and once Claire has finished her lecturing around the country and Europe.

Due to working with several clients/studios on freelance projects throughout the year, working on more collaborative and industry set projects than expected, and taking on additional self-initiated and competition briefs, I have completed 22 briefs (including my Personal Branding and the Design Publication). The briefs vary and show a range of skills sets, directions and choices of tone and target audience, whilst also working on several non-Fashion/Beauty projects to showcase versatility within both my personal and professional practice, even though the main body of work has been directed at a particular industry and field of design.

The briefs completed that I have submitted are as follows:

1.     Personal Branding
2.     Jade Clark Look Books Vol 02.
3.     (Packaged) Notebooks
4.     DR.ME
5.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria
6.     Sophie Likes, Website Re-Work
7.     All Saints Proposal Look Book
8.     Four Paws
9.     Posh Tots Boutique Branding and Identity
10.  Karen Morris Dual Branding and Identity
11.  Lifestyle and Culture Supplement
12.  DBA (Capital North)
13.  Whistles for YCN
14.  Secret7”
15.  WrappedCo
16.  Scare Tactics
17.  The Fall of Rome
18.  Birthday Invites
19.  Tunisia Zine
20.  Element – Nail and Beauty Lounge
21.  Controversial Fashion Photography Book
22.  Design Publication

Of which:

1.     4 have been set my BAGD or Visiting Professionals
2.     7 have been set by clients
3.     2 have been set by competition boards
4.     9 have been self-initiated
(3 of which have been collaborative/group)

I feel this module also allowed me to explore elements from both the Design Context and PPP module, touching on fashion and body related issues and worked on throughout my COP module, whilst really pushing and refining my personal design style and branding throughout the module where possible, ensuring my body of work is suited to my personal and professional practices, whilst allowing myself to progress and push myself as a designer. Not only in regards to improving but tailoring my portfolio for future interviews, pitches and career progression.

I have used this module, to work on the skills I wanted to develop such as screen-printing, whilst really pushing and promoting my 90s, quirky design style that is slowly becoming synonymous with my personal branding and body of work. I have also used it as an opportunity to show my strengths, passions and chosen direction within such a large area of the design world.

I have also really benefited from working collaboratively within large groups, small groups and with other students on different courses. I have learnt throughout my placement each others feedback is really important even when refining your own ideas, and felt the constant feedback from whomever I was working with not only improved my own skills taking feedback, but also allowed me to be more constructive in my own feedback. I also found the process of working with others much more enjoyable than expected, and therefore ended up working on 3 briefs in groups, which is more than I originally set out. The work also carried out for each of the collaborative projects was very different to each other, and more importantly different to the self-initiated briefs, being much more serious, compelling and contextual in regards to background and meaning, allowing further versatility and depth within my portfolio.

Working with clients was a really big part of both my personal and professional practice, with some smaller freelance jobs being situated and posted on my PPP blog, opposed to my Extended Practice blog. Each project again was different however; several were based around fashion/beauty related briefs. Several of the clients were International whilst also freelancing for Impression DP in Harrogate allowing for the types of briefs, communication and form of feedback to be very different each. I didn’t see this as a problem however, more a learning curb and an opportunity to both develop my skill sets and improve and expand my portfolio and client list. I have discussed liaising with clients much more in my PPP Module Evaluation for further clarification and evaluation.

Having so much creative freedom throughout this module has really allowed for it to be so enjoyable, worthwhile and beneficial to my practice at the moment and in the future. Out of the 3 levels of the course completed, I believe this is the one module where I have really captured who I am as a designer, what I stand for, believe in, my inspirations, thoughts, passions and direction, allowing for me to leave this course being confident in my body of work, and more importantly confident within my personal and professional practices of the route which I want to take post-college.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


With this brief, I wanted to showcase the increase of controversial fashion photography seen on a day-to-day basis, online, in magazines such as Vogue and i-D, as well as on billboards.

I took this brief as an opportunity to delve into my interests of Fashion and related issues to that of COP, for example, the controversial topic of eating disorders, and their associative campaigns to either promote or negate them. I also wanted to use and show a range of skills, in order to produce a substantial publication with both interesting content and context.

By using photography and body copy throughout my editorial design and layout skills were once again use and developed, whilst allow myself to be more confident in using colour, design features and a variation of typography with this sort of brief/publication.

Even though I have worked quite a lot with photography and editorial design this year, I found this was a brief were I could tie many interests and skills together.

I felt with this publication I could take a risk, and produce something with a striking cover that will either be loved or hated – however, that is often the subliminal intention of fashion photography, which then leads to being a talking point.

In regards to photographing the book itself, I experimented for a while with different coloured backgrounds and backdrops to really give the pages, layout and photography the impact and high-quality finish it deserved. With the pages being so white and crisp, I found block colours didn’t emphasize the high-quality bind and finish of the book, nor do the contents justice. After a while, and deciding to try taking a photograph of it against a wooden floor, being inspired by chipboard, I found this really gave the content and images the impact they deserved.

I am really happy with the outcome, and feel even though the book has serious content, my design style and the influences of both my personal and professional practice shine through the layout and design aesthetics, lifting the tone of voice.


Even though the actual deliverables of this brief were so basic and minimal, the brief as a whole wasn’t easy to complete due to my client being very slow with feedback and responses to emails. At times I also felt that my client was unsure of what she wanted herself, meaning the design process for myself was much harder and more prolonged than expected.

I have worked with clients Internationally before, and have at times had problems with time differences which I do believe was also a problem, however good communication via email and text message were kept throughout the project.

Receiving feedback allowed for the project to develop, and for me to gain a better understanding of my clients likes and dislikes, however again at times was confusing and unclear. In the end though, the brief came to a close with a happy client. When working with clients I always take this as an opportunity to learn about different audiences, different ways of working, talking and dealing with people, as well as developing and learning new skills depending on the subject and task at hand. This was the same with this brief, taking on board feedback, comments and ideas throughout in order to design the perfect outcome.

I also learnt put some of my new found skills into practice, that I have learnt at my placement in regards to art working and file formats. As these will be printed abroad, I needed to ensure the files were ready to send to print, as well as to use digitally were needed, so therefore all files were artworked checking bleed, crop marks, file size, dpi, etc., whilst ensuring each file was sent in 4 different formats to use dependent on the end use and final outcome.

I also had to do some basic research into producing a document that my client could edit herself and use on her iPad as a pricelist. This was eventually resolved using Publisher, as I had to work around my client not having the Adobe suite. Therefore an editable PDF was created. However, designing the price list on Publisher proved difficult not having the creative freedom that one has with Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.



This brief was different in the sense that I was only placing the images within a layout for Natalie, and working with feedback from not only Natalie herself, but from her tutors and crit groups regarding the project. Even so, Natalie and I worked really well together, communicating throughout. Three variations of the zine were produced, each being more developed with the feedback – the third was the final design to go ahead to be printed.

Natalie was really happy with the outcome, as was I. I felt I really tried to use the images to their potential and follow a logical and structural layout to showcase these at their best.

Through development also, the outcome went from being bright, bold and colourful to minimal, simple and focused on the imagery as a whole, opposed to details within it, adding to the emotion, story and context behind the photographs.

Even though I have worked with my own photography in regards to publications and zines throughout the year, I felt there was much more pressure designing a zine for a photography student using their photographs. I was confident in my design and ideas as pushed throughout, however weren’t sure at first how these would be received. I also thought it could also be quite difficult at times however, the brief went very smoothly from start to finish.

I was also working to a deadline that added pressure, however with Natalie also being very organized this wasn’t an issue at all, and everything was completed and signed off with good time.