Monday, 20 October 2014


Today DR.ME came in from Manchester, and presented us with a day workshop allowing us to work on multiple, quick turn-around briefs. DR.ME work with a combination of hand and digital based artwork, and are targeting most often by bands, musical artists, festivals and events around the Manchester area. 

Their website can be found here.

Grouped into pairs, Abigail Nelson and I were given the following brief to work through in just over 4 hours.

Brief 1 - Vinyl Cover Design:

Create a vinyl cover from the email below.

"We're gonna be releasing a limited edition 12" of a mix Evian Christ made last year, called Duga-3.."

We were discussing artwork concepts and josh wondered if there was any way you could graphically represent the 10hz tapping sound that makes the Duga-3 transmission?

Important to mention right now is that we don't have a lot of time to do this, as this release is intended for store today and they have super tight deadlines, so we need this by the end of today?

Dimensions: 12" x 12"

Brief 2 - Poster Design:

Create a poster design from the email below.

Hey new poster please.

+ Guests
Weds 18th April
Kraak Gallery
Piccadilly Records

Oh! Please have Saint Coltrane as support...

Dimensions: A3 (297 X 420mm)

Brief 3 - Self Directed Art Piece:

Create a piece of work EACH to no brief, and for no reason other than the process of creativity and artistic freedom. 

The only rules are it must be a 2D physical object and must be 23cm x 16cm. Be brave.

- - - -

Following the brief, Abi and I set an initial timeline to ensure all 3 briefs would be carried out to the best of our ability, whilst ensuring all of the work gets done. The timeline can be seen below:

Brief 1 - 12-1.30pm
Brief 2 - 1.30 - 2.30pm
Brief 3 - 2.30 - 4pm

- - - -

For the 1st brief, whilst listening to the mixtape, which can be found via this link. Even though we personally didn't find this music to our tastes, we pointed out the tone of the music, and the feeling we got from listening to the track at hand. These can be seen below:


We also decided we didn't want to go too literal with the imagery, and wanted to be more conceptual. We thought of where the music and it's atmosphere took us, which are also listed below:

Deserted Roads

From these lists, we both went away and each designed one vinyl cover, allowing us to have two to choose from. I decided I wanted to link the scratchy noises of the music, in with the eerie place I imagine I would be listening to this. The outcome can be seen below. 

Ryan and Mark from DR.ME kept circling round looking at the work I was doing, and they both really liked how I had interpreted the noises using fine scratch lines and overlaid and manipulated imagery creating an atmosphere and feeling reflecting that of the music. 

They both advised me to keep the cover simply image based and to remove the type, so an alternate version is also shown below. 

I really liked the outcome of this short brief, I felt it fitted the brief without being too obvious, and was liked by those who matter! I also quickly mocked this up on a vinyl cover to see how it looks in context, and I am really happy with the outcome!

I have also shown the three original images which were used and heavily manipulated and merged together using Photoshop. 

Cover Variations:

Above: Chosen Vinyl Cover

Above: Mock-Up of the Chosen Vinyl Cover

- - - -

For the 2nd brief, Abi and I researched into the band at hand, their existing artwork and branding, before deciding to take this brief again very conceptually using colour, shape and pattern reminiscent of their other artworks. 

Abi went away and created the background image/pattern in two different colour variations. Out of the two we felt the red and yellow background had much more prominence and relevance to the band. I began working on the type setting, using Trade Gothic Bold, to ensure the typeface can be read/seen legibly and clearly. 

We both felt it was fitting with the brief and the band, and was also approved by Ryan and Mark. 

Above: Chosen Poster Design

- - - -

Abi and I then decided to part ways and work on the 3rd part of the brief, which was individual practice. I decided I wanted to do a collage piece, practicing in this craft myself both hands-on and digitally, and after being inspired by the DR.ME presentation showing their pieces of artwork and collage, I wanted to prove I could do something exciting and fresh!

I wanted to create a piece based around the idea of botanicals, collecting images of beaches, plants, sky and cactus'. I then chopped them up into strips digitally, and placed them next to each other. The image was flattened, copied, pasted and manipulated with, until I was happy with the final outcome. 

I was really, really pleased with the print created (below) which Ryan and Mark really liked. It was suggested I crop the image and turn it into a vinyl cover, so a mock-up of this has been shown below also.

I really like the colours, patterns, gradients, imagery, tones and layers this image provokes, as well as a soothing, relaxing feeling when viewed. 

Above: Vinyl Mock Up

I felt I learnt a lot today in terms of taking a simple idea and making it work by manipulating imagery and type, and allowing concepts to show opposed to being overly literal which is usually what my work consists of. I found it refreshing to use collage again, as this is something I love but haven't used as often in my own practice as I would of liked to have done in the past.  I also feel it was beneficial to master 3 briefs in a day, allowing a short time for each, not being scared to just get on with an idea quickly and effectively. 

Talking to those in the industry I want to be in was also really beneficial. I learnt some good photoshop shortcuts and wacky reverse thinking methods too thanks to mini-tutorials from the guys! Really great day overall in terms of design, and refreshing taking a break from my usual practice!!

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