Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hi Danielle, 
Hope all is well since we were in touch! Wanted to touch base and ask if you'd be interested in this little quirky brief!?
I'm looking to design an invite for my Mum and her partner, Philip's for their joint 60th birthday in Marbella.
They had the idea of something really fun and the idea they had was something like having their heads photoshopped onto a man with a six pack and my Mum on a big boobed beautiful young woman. However, we could go down this route or I was thinking of how we could play on the Marbella theme, or pool party theme or some kind of well know movie. The key thing is that we have to remember is that the people who'll get this invite will be around 60 so they have to get it whatever theme we use!
The party will be a day of BBQ and drinks around a pool.
The invite will be printed so bear that in mind. Size TBC.
BBQ & Drinks
Sunday 14th June 2015
Cave Bar, Club Sierra, Marbella
Dress: Marbella-licious
Brainstorming ideas: (would be great to hear if you had any thoughts as I'm not sold on any of these yet!!)
- I was thinking of any films for inspiration that maybe linked to Marbella that would work for this idea. Only ideas I had were the below - let me know if you think of anything?
Could you let me know what you think cost and timescale wise for this? Hope you can do me a good deal as it's for my MUM!!!
Pictures of them both:
I'll have to send you a selection to choose from.
Charlie Hartley
Impression DP

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