Friday, 31 October 2014


I emailed over the two ideas I had come up with to Charlie last night, and he got back to me this morning with a few revisions and overall very positive feedback. 

I expected these to be simply ideas, however his mum really liked one of them, and wanting to push forward using idea #2 as a template.

The feedback and instructions can be seen within the email below:

Hi Danielle,
So good news - My Mum loves them!
Could we do this:
- A4 size is good!
- They prefer the black and white version so lets roll with that.
- Would you be able to do a reverse to the invite which will act as the Reply Card for people to tick which events they want to attend. Because they're basically doing a full weekend party with 3 events so they need people to tick which of the 3 events they will be attending. I'm not sure if you're able to use some of the work you did for the colour option for the reverse reply section? My Mum loved the Marbella sign so would be great if we're able to use that on the reply card!
- Can you change their names to "Philip & Val's"
- She ask if it's possible on the picture to give Val bigger boobs at all??!!
The options for the reply section on the back will be: (can you add a tick box next to each of the below 3 options)
We look forward to celebrating with you!
Please RSVP by 30th January and confirm which events you'll be attending.
·         Dinner - Villa Tiberio - Saturday 13th June
·         Pool Party - Cave Bar, Club Sierra - Sunday 14th June
·         Lunch - Trocadero, Playa Beach - Monday 15th June
Hope this makes sense... if you need to run through it on the phone just give me a bell!
Charlie Hartley
Impression DP

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