Thursday, 30 October 2014


I was sent imagery of Charlie's parents to work with for their faces, when photoshopping them onto other peoples bodies!

After I received the imagery I began playing around with some of the imagery collected in regards to theme, concept and inspiration. I found this an easier way of working, playing with a combination of ideas at once.

The images pulled out to create the collage can be seen below:

My initial idea was quite flamboyant and I must admit, I wasn't totally sold on the overall visual but felt the concept was strong, relaying that of a vintage beach/pool party, which would in return appeal to the target audience specified. 

From this first idea I felt much more inspired and wanted to crack on with another idea, focusing more on the overall execution and consistency with type, image and colour to create more of a professional finish.

Two alternate variations were created of idea #1, shown below.

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