Thursday, 30 October 2014


I began to work on a second invite, taking inspiration from Charlie's mums Val's initial thoughts - her head on a heavily boobed woman, and her partners head, Philip, on a man with a six-pack. I began by searching for imagery which was of appropriate size as well as allowing the imagery provided of Charlie's parents to sit over their faces/on their bodies without looking too disproportional or 'messy'. I wanted these to look well done. 

I documented the entire process for this invite, which is seen below:

Below shows the stock imagery sourced - a beach in Marbella, and two models - a male and a female fitting the brief whilst allowing successful merging of the bodies at hand! (Strange as that sounds!)

- - - -

Below shows the bodies/faces without a background image which had been carefully cut out of all 4 images needed to work with. The image also shows the placement of the alternate heads before playing with colour and placement of 'Val' on the invite.

I experimented with the colour balance and brightness/contrast settings for the 'face' however, didn't feel I could match the two perfectly. I then began experimenting with black and white filters, which I found worked much better, and allowed the collaged bodies to almost look seamless. I felt this was actually more appropriate and thought that I could try to merge the idea of a pool/beach party in Spain in with the aesthetic in other ways using black and white imagery.

The process was then carried out again with Philip, as seen below.

Once I was happy with the bodies, placement of the faces and colour, I then placed these onto the background image on a new canvas at A5, Portrait format. I have chosen this size temporarily as the size is yet TBC. As soon as 'Philip' was placed on to the beach background I felt this could really work, and was heading down the right path.

I wanted to lighten the image so placed a white layer over the imagery and selected the 'screen' filter to really life the lighter parts of the photograph and make it 'pop'. I felt however this was too bright (see image below) and therefore used the overlay filter.

I felt I could work with this much better also, and looked much brighter visually overall. Furthermore, I think it adds a vintage touch.

With the imagery and colouring in hand, I wanted to begin adding the body copy given to the invite itself, allowing for them to come to life and determine an overall aesthetic and tone. I was conscious when choosing the typeface to not choose something too mundane, and wanted to opt for something either quirky or fitting with the concept and aesthetic chosen.

I chose the typeface Seaside, due to it's vintage quirkiness as well as being quite retro, and appealing to the target audience. 

I wasn't sure on the white type straight on to the background due to the similarity in colour, so played around with white boxes and drop shadows to create an even more retro, seaside tone and aesthetic.

Once I was happy with the type choice and placement of the background, I continued to use this same process for the other elements of body copy which needed to be applied to the invitation. 

- - - -

Below shows the first draft of idea #2, which will be sent to my client for feedback along with idea #1.

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