Thursday, 30 October 2014


I only have around 2/3 days to complete this brief, so began with some initial ideas taking note and inspiration from the details given from Charlie, my client. It is important to remember this brief is for a client, who runs Impression DP in Harrogate, and therefore crucial I come up with some good ideas and concepts which can be executed well within the allocated time frame.

It is really important for this brief to keep the target audience predominately in my mind in regards to concept. Ideas of theme so far can be seen below:

"They had the idea of something really fun and the idea they had was something like having their heads photoshopped onto a man with a six pack and my Mum on a big boobed beautiful young woman. However, we could go down this route or I was thinking of how we could play on the Marbella theme, or pool party theme or some kind of well know movie. The key thing is that we have to remember is that the people who'll get this invite will be around 60 so they have to get it whatever theme we use!" - Charlie, Client

Initial Ideas on Theme:

James Bond
Marbella Bridge
Couple on the Beach
Cartoon/50s Pin-Up Style
Carry On Movie
Vintage/Retro Pool Party
Liz Taylor
Ocean Club Marbella
Spanish Flamenco/Matador

From this list I would like to source some imagery which can be worked with the the photographs of Charlie's parents which he sent to me via email. I am aware collaging faces onto real life bodies can be quite challenging so selecting appropriate imagery here is key for any of the above concepts to work when executed.

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