Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Below shows the communication between Jade and I via both and email and Facebook messenger when discussing changes and the design aesthetic. 

Jade gave me total creative control due to the success of the previous look books however, her opinion is always vital and important having such a strong and recognisable brand image.

TO Jade Clark


I have attached a PDF of the current draft I am upto! It's sort of split into two parts, and you will see where the logos need to be changed as they're too low res at the mo when printed off! I think this is the logo you are still using but have seen another blocky one on your clothing tags so its up to you which you want me to use!

Let me know your thoughts and feedback so far! 

Danielle xx

FROM Jade Clark

Ah it looks wicked! I love how you've lifted the pineapple and used it in the background!! I've attached my logo and some other images you might want to use as close-ups/backgrounds/extras! The only thing really is I don't think the last image works as well as the others because its not as clear (the one of the fabric close-ups), and on page 12the image of the male and female look (the one with the bart T) I think we shouldn't use because i'm not selling that anymore! Let me know what you think!


@littleegg1991 - instagram

  • Jade Clark

    Ah same! No i'll definitely have a go for you!

    Also the lookbook looks amazing!

    I want to hold it in my arms now

  • Danielle Muntyan

    haha aww yay you should see what i have in mind for the cover!!

    anything else you think i should change or add?

    was thinking a stockist list maybe but depends what you think

    and if you can that would be amazing, just let me know how it works out haha
  • Jade Clark

    I don't know? Maybe on the into bit what do you think to using the pineapple cut outs? I just love them so much! haha If you think its too much then its up to you! Thats the only thing, i wanna cover everything in them!

    My stockists are:

    MercyMerci- Aus

    Lavish Alice- Uk

    Innocent Hood- Taiwan

    Shop Lazy- Singapore

    ** SOON ** NastyGal- USA
  • Danielle Muntyan

    Ill have a go at copying it in too and see. Ooo nasty gal check you jade. Fabulous thankyou. How do you work out what to supply them with?
  • Jade Clark

    Actually looking back theres no room for pineapples in the intro bit!


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