Saturday, 11 October 2014


I had a spare hour this afternoon, and wanted to work out how I was going to photograph the Jade Clark look books. I had two ideas in mind, one to be done in the studio and one outside. 

1. Studio Photoshoot: Grey/Pastel coloured backdrop with Pineapples and holographic ribbon for props, adding to the context and allowing for an unusual and exciting photoshoot.
2. Outside Photoshoot: Using a rural, natural backdrop, i.e. brick, wood, branches etc to show juxtaposition of the photography used in the look book and the sharp, unnatural aesthetic used for the covers of the look books themselves. 

Below shows the images from the Outside Photoshoot.  As much as I felt this kind of photography could work it feels quite unprofessional and I feel a more professional studio photoshoot would do the publication much more justice. It is also quite difficult to photograph the inner pages in this manner, and would be better laid flat so the layout and body copy can be seen and read clearly.

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