Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Following research and idea development stages of the brief,  I confirmed the concept with Jade and began to digitise these layouts using inDesign and kept saving changes as PDFs to show the entire design process from start to finish. 


A series of look books exuding Jades bold aesthetic and trade mark style. Heavily focusing on holographic vinyl prints and bold patterns, Jades newest clothing collection has inspired the look book itself to be literally transformed into a paper-version of clothing line. With the collection heavily inspired by Pineapples and Cartoons, the look book has been divided into two mini-books, showcasing the two 'lines' in a prominent fashion.


The format used to design within is A5, Portrait to coincide with the previous works designed for Jade, and so they form a set of books almost when grouped, placed or stored together.

The same typeface Helvetica Neue has been kept the same as the previous look books, keeping consistency - Helvetica Neue. The titles are League Gothic, an additional Sans Serif font adding more aesthetic value and prominence to key areas of importance. 

All of these decisions have been confirmed and approved by Jade.


I feel these PDFs of the look book layout and body copy really show the true development and aesthetic changes made - from type size to image placement.

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