Thursday, 23 October 2014


I was brought up with a Spanish Father and Grandmother, who was born and lived in Zaragoza, Spain her whole life and due to this I was accustomed to watching Bullfighting growing up. I have recently taken an interest in their 'suit of lights' or 'traje de luces' since visiting Marbella in June, and visiting a bullfight with my family. I took my own photos of the suits and the fight and became more fascinated with these beautiful garments than the actual bull itself by the end. I am not opposed to bullfighting and do think it a valued part of the culture and traditions of Spain, along with my family background and heritage, however the videos below do show scenes some may find disturbing or upsetting. 

The first two videos shown, are the background and history of bullfighting, as well as what it is like to be a Matador. These are interesting to watch to gain more background knowledge on the sport and its organisation. 

Whilst the further 3 videos show the making, history and inspiration behind the 'traje de luces', as spoken about by famous Spanish Matadors and Sastreria Fermin, the most famous traje de luces tailor in the world. I found these so inspirational to watch in regards to this brief, and notes which have been translated from the further 3 videos can be seen below each one.

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