Monday, 27 October 2014


I had a quick look into foil blocking again before going ahead with experiments using the logo. I wanted to look into different coloured foils which could be of use for the brief - red, black, gold and similar, remaining relevant to the brief, product and culture at hand. I also felt this would add luxury to the branding, however I would like to aim for more traditional in aesthetic, so would like to find a middle ground. The costs of foiling are the only thing which hypothetically wouldn't be affordable by a business such as this, and most likely would not be used. So I really want to play with this idea and give this more thought before going ahead.

I have selected imagery below which shows different coloured foils with type which I feel is slightly similar in style, giving a better idea of how the 'maria del carmen' logo would look.

Foil blocking uses a foil pigment, which is carried on a thin polyester film and fed into a press where a die of the desired image has been placed. Paper is added to the press, and the combination of heat and pressure causes the metallic pigment to be transferred onto the sheet, resulting in an accurate and incredibly vivid design.

It is often used to best effect when combined with other printing processes such as blind embossing, where the raised area can be enhanced dramatically by a metallic finish. The foils can be matt or gloss, and are available in gold, silver, and a variety of other colours. It is suitable for either fine or large print, and the use of lasers ensures for incredibly precise detail in your design.

Above: This is the perfect example of what I had in mind for the outcome of this brief, however I don't feel the gold is clear with the stock/type chosen on the example above, and doesn't really add anything super special in my opinion to the type chosen.

Above: Luxury foiling resembling lace. Really beautiful and feminine visually.

Above: Foil over image - a very full on aesthetic but could be interesting to experiment with.

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