Thursday, 23 October 2014


I began this brief by carrying out a quick brainstorm to clarify target audience, and tone of voice of the brand image. I feel really passionate about this brief coming from my families heritage and background in Spain. 

The name 'Maria del Carmen' was derived from my late grandmothers Spanish name. Her family in Zaragoza were heavily involved in the bullfighting circle when she lived over in Spain with my Dad and family. I have always been brought up watching the sport, and have loved the fashion of this since. 

I found this a perfect opportunity to use some of my own photographs as well throughout this brief of the bullfighting and the traje de luces. I really want this brand to incorporate a fey key elements:

- a family ran business so needs an established yet contemporary and traditional logo in terms of aesthetic
- reflects the modern, bespoke and handmade designs within a traditional Spanish industry
- reflect quality garments and a reputed brand

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