Sunday, 26 October 2014


I also asked my dad, Rafael, to write out 'Maria del Carmen' more authentically than I have managed to reproduce using illustrator. I do like the logo I had produced, but felt that it could look more authentic and 'old' opposed to clean, smooth and fresh to the eye.

Using the variations which are seen below, I began straightening elements out, and selecting the best and clearest 'maria', 'del' and 'carmen' to use for the logo (see below).

Below shows the elements chosen from the images above. I felt these were the clearest and most consistent to use as a logo. Also shown are the individual words chosen from different writings to gain the best overall logo possible. The words chosen can be seen in a straight line logo format below also.

I took the logo created above, and applied the subtitle at 6.5pt. As much as I thought the logo looked 100% better with my dads handwriting taking on her signature much more naturally, I didn't like it in a straight line with the subtitle, due to the clashing placement of "del" and "de" when centrally aligned. This really puts me off and it feels unfinished.

I decided to try and take on the format previously used for the logo when I drew the logo digitally, as I felt this looked much more pleasing aesthetically. Whilst I was experimenting, I found that I could almost place the words inside each other like a jigsaw puzzle, sitting tightly and neatly. I tried this in two different sizes, ensuring the subtitle sits centrally and doesn't overtake the logo itself. In order to size this appropriately, I placed the logo into a business card template, which has now changed along with the letterhead, etc.  

Below shows the final two sizes to be used for the logo depending on the element it is being applied to. The subtitle will remain at 6.5pt unless specified.

I feel much happier with the logo created and feel it matches the aesthetic of the brand much better and is more suiting to it's target audience and one of voice.

(alignment and spacing)

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