Friday, 24 October 2014


Prior to working on any designs for the look book, promoting the brands products, I wanted to gain some research into look books. Even though they are becoming one of the most common publications I am producing at the moment/recently through freelance work, I feel it is always good to be refreshed with ideas and new inspiration.

I am not going to comment on every image below, however will discuss the most prominent to myself, or should I say my 'favourites', and those which I feel I am really inspired and motivated by for this design element. 

Above: I really like the placement of the imagery, heavily relying on a grid, as well as the combination of vertical and horizontal type setting. 

Above: Again unusual placement of imagery, featuring different sized photographs and different combinations of type and image. 

Above: I really love the split layout, and sleek imagery however feel is too minimal for this brief, whereas below for example, features a much more rustic, traditional aesthetic with use of type and stock.

Above: I chose this image due to the collage aesthetic and the hand written type elements which are already a prominent part of this brief and the chosen aesthetic. I realised during the brief I have neglected my collage practice recently due to working with briefs and clients digitally, so this could be a good time to reintroduce this into my practice in a subtle manner. More images from the publication above, can be seen below.

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