Thursday, 23 October 2014


As previously noted, I visited Marbella earlier this year in June with my family, and went to a bullfight one Sunday evening marking the start of a local fiesta. Below shows the promotional material, tickets with branding elements and photographs taken by myself at the fight, whereby I tried to capture images of their 'trajes de luces' as best as possible. I am keen to experiment with these photographs and see what I can do with them to make some use.

Very basic, pretty much non-existent branding shown on the tickets above, however below shows a series of posters I collected from the event by asking one of the stewards if they had any spares lying around. Luckily as we spoke Spanish he was happy to have a chat and find some for me! I found the illustrations and patterned borders beautiful, crossed with traditional Spanish language and traditional colour palettes.

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