Sunday, 26 October 2014


In addition to the usual branding elements, i.e. business card, letterhead and envelope etc, I wanted to produce something as an additional extra to the branding, adding a personal touch to each customer, guest or visitor, as well as acting as a promotional element.

Coinciding with the look book and the existing branding which has been created to date, 6 different images were selected for the front of the postcards, allowing a series to be made. The images chosen have focus on the clothing, detail/pattern, traditional and religious views of Spain and its relationship to the fight. These images will connect with the target audience, as well as local Spaniards.

On the reverse is the logo and title, address, phone number and website - the same information and format as the business cards. This has been placed to the right to notes, gratuities, appointment times etc can all be written on the reverse as well as being used as a promotional postcard for the brand and its products.

I would like to foil the logo ideally on the reverse of the card, allowing continuity across the branding elements, adding quality, contextual value and aesthetic value relevant to the imagery, audience and product at hand.

The dimensions for the postcards are as follows:

105x148mm. Landscape.

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