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Below shows a collection of established sastres (tailors) in Spain, who offer bespoke 'traje de luces' clothing for famous Matadors. I have researched into the branding and identity of these trying to establish any trends which arise in this industry, as well as gaining a sense of the competitors in the market. 

Fermin is one of the most famous, established in 1963 in Madrid, he designs and produces 'traje de luces' for the most famous fighters for national events.

His logo is simple, clean and reminiscient in colour of Spanish tradition - terracotta, beige, yellow, orange, red, for example - opposed to the colours of the suits themselves. The logo doesn't add any additional details and remains simple in aesthetic.

The website is very basic also, and you have to be a registered member to view the 'catalogue' or 'look book', as well as to enter the shop, showing the items are probably expensive and only for those who are professionally engaged and active in the sport.

Below shows photographs of the website, the store Fermin works from in Madrid as well as photographs of Fermin and the Matadors themselves.

- - - -

Sastre Justo, promotes and sells his garments via an online store which can be seen below. The logo looks very modern and resembles power and the champion of the fight.

- - - -

A much more brighter, in your face colour scheme and typeface influenced by the colours of the cape's used during the fights. The 3 typefaces used combined with the colours and the background imagery is very overwhelming and don't feel it gives the brand a quality, traditional aesthetic.

The online store features a catalogue/look book showcasing their garments as shown above.

I feel this is really tacky, and doesn't do the work of the garments justice either in comparison to others seen.

Again influenced by the colours of the cape, Sustre Alejandro, uses both pink and yellow again with a Bodoni Bold style typeface, conscious of being modern and contemporary in design. I don't however look at this and think 'traje de luces', I personally think sweet shop, or high street clothing shops.

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