Friday, 17 October 2014


Today I spoke to Amber, as well as Priyesh, Beth, Joe H and Jordan about my notebooks and their current packaging. The more I looked at the vinyl type on the acetate pouches, I felt it didn't look right and overwhelmed the screen printed patterns. 

I showed each the packaging, and it was suggested the vinyl type had been placed too close to the top and should of left more of a border. I did agree with this, and felt like without the type, they did look better. However, as they do need branding and labelling with its function and stock, it was suggested by Amber to look further into packaging methods where the type could be situated such as belly bands, to give a more DIY, hands on feel. She said it should be almost 'clinical' also in contrast.

This is something I am going to experiment with further and think about how this information could be placed in an aesthetically pleasing way, whilst informing and not detracting from the product at hand too much. I also need to keep in mind cost, and ease of production into to avoid any problems. 

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