Thursday, 9 October 2014


Pattern 3:

As noted in my research, I wanted to use different types of screen printing methods to create bespoke prints for notebooks. As well as colour overlays, I also wanted to experiment with gradients, and wanted a solid print for this notebook. This is something I did in Level 5 for my Print Pack in the Design for Print module, however didn't go as well as hoped due to the choice of stock. I would like to improve my screen printing abilities overall, and by using such methods this will allow me to progress and develop as an experimental designer.

Below shows an illustration of houses inspired by those I saw in the old town of Marbella, Spain. I then scanned this in and digitised this using illustrator. This was then tiled as a print, at A3 scale, the same as the previous 2 prints. 

I feel with this particular print, a good, solid, heavy use of colour will make the detailing stand out.

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