Thursday, 9 October 2014


I decided I wanted to design hand drawn, almost doodle-esk style patterns which would be screen-printed and/or foiled onto the chosen stock for the cover. 

I wanted to design patterns which could be overlaid when printing to cause different colour effects and final outcomes. 

I began drawing out initial shapes and patterns which could easily be digitised and tiled in order to achieve a consistent pattern at a larger scale than the notebooks themselves to gain multiple covers out of a print, and to also vary the print of each notebook making them individual.

The patterns will be drawn up and printed at A3 landscape scale, in order to cut A5 and A6 covers.

Above: Rough Leopard/Animal Print

Above: Bent Lines.

Above: Swirls, Lines and Shapes.

- - - -

Below shows digitised sketches from the scans above. With the dots below, I grouped together a small selection and copied and tiled the dots to form a consistent pattern. The lines were then inverted allowing the circles to be solid. This is to ensure when exposed and screen printed, the ink will be solid and visible opposed to being a feint outline of the circle. As noted previously also, the layering of the screens will also allow different colour effects and outcomes, which I am interested to play with and work with.

Above: A tiled print which I really don't like. This won't be used for the brief at all and has been scrapped from this point onwards. I feel it is too harsh and blunt for the aesthetic I am wanting to achieve.

Below: Digitised bent lines as I like to call them, using different thicknesses and line strokes to gain a rough, hand rendered feel. This has gone on to be tiled as an A3 print.

- - - -

Below shows two prints I would initially like to work with and experiment with in regards to colour and stock. I feel the two when overlaid would would really well with two colours and thick, off white or pastel stock for cleanliness and minimal design.

Print 1:

 Print 2:

Below: An idea of print 1 & 2 layered.

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