Wednesday, 8 October 2014


To add context and placement to this brief, I wanted to initially think about where the product would be placed and who exactly it is for, as allowing for successful product, range and distribution.

As stated in the brief, I want the product to be sold in stores such as Urban Outfitters, Paperchase The Village and Colours May Vary. Which specific retailer this will be aimed at will be confirmed once the books have been produced, to allow accurate placement with regards to the overall aesthetic style. 

I found whilst quickly researching these stockists initially online, Urban Outfitters for example sell notebooks which are quite hipster, comical and endorsed with logos or photographs. 

Paperchase I found did much more child-like stationary in terms of the pattern and execution and do not produce nor sell the type of bespoke, handcrafted notebooks I envision designing and making. 

I do not feel the audience I would like to target, design savy gift buyers, would be relevant to their styles of design.

The Village and Colours May Vary however, both specialise in 'Print fields' and I feel these two could potentially be more suiting from this initial research stage. 

This will also help influence of the direction of the design and execution due to the different aesthetics of the products sold in these stores. 

Urban Outfitters:


Colours May Vary, Leeds:

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