Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I wanted to begin this brief by doing a quick brainstorm into possible areas of illustration and bookbinding, allowing areas to focus on for research purposes also, as well as reinforcing direction and context of the brief at hand.

Below you can see my initial thought process as well as some sketches on further book binding methods I am keen to look into and experiment with. 

I would like to work on 2/3 prints and a variety of book binding methods before choosing a method for the final production of the notebooks.

As stated in the brief, these are to be bespoke, handmade and hand printed notebooks which would be packaged and sold, so therefore are to be produced to a high standard and exceptional quality.

Binding Methods to Research:

As well as noting areas of interest in regard to print and pattern, I wanted to quickly note down some key book-binding methods to look into further. I would like to produce a few mock-ups of a few of these methods, before deciding on a method to use for the final product.

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