Saturday, 18 October 2014


Following the previous posts regarding the changes to the packaging following feedback, I started to begin coming up with some simple, basic ideas of how the information could be shown together opposed to sporadically. 

I also began looking at typefaces which were simple, basic and quite clinical in terms of aesthetic, whilst be readable and legible at a small point size, and on the stock to be chosen. Below shows the selection of typefaces initially chosen for the title and the subsequent body copy. I then began to work with Future, Joesefin Sans, Lane and Basic Title Font with the title and body copy necessary, explaining the purpose of the product, branding, stock choices/pages and USP. I tried to arrange the type so it would be readable and legible. 

Body Copy:

Below shows the body copy for the belly bands.


- 48 Blank Pages -
90gsm Bright White

- Screen-Printed Cover -
300gsm French Handmade Paper by Snowdon

Below shows the first idea I had for the type setting. I felt it was a bit cold and boring using Futura, and felt too minimal and clinical for the design, however I still wanted something quite clean looking.

- - - -

At this stage I printed a test off to check sizing and point size of the type. I decided against the line underneath the header, and decided to place the 'danielle' logo adding a sense of personal branding once again adding to the handmade aesthetic and concept.

I worked this into a grid to ensure the placement was accurate. I also then went on to scale the bellyband and type for each product using a mock-up of the notebook, as shown below.

Once I was happy I printed off a test print on white stock. I chose to use beige sandpaper for the bellybands, using inkjet printing to keep costs low, and to keep the process simple whilst remaining handmade and 100% finished by hand. The bands were then multiplied onto A3 cut outs of the sandpaper and printed. I felt this colour stock was a natural contrast to the stock of the notebooks, whilst complimenting and not detracting at all from the product, print or pattern at hand.

The same process and grid systems as used above were used for the gift tag bands, book mark bands and wrap bands for accuracy and consistency across all of the products. 

These can also be seen below.

- - - -

The belly bands were all cut out by hand using a scalpel and placed around each product/each set of products, and sealed with a circular, matte black vinyl sticker, as seen on a previous blog post also. This process can be seen below.

I felt much happier with the packaging, and felt without the cellophane bags didn't detract from the product and quality at hand. It allows the heavy and bold colours, gradients and patterns to be seen, contrasted against minimal, sharp and clean type setting on a minimal, simple belly band. The feedback received from this design and execution of the products was seen as much better and gave the overall product more contrasting "punch".

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