Friday, 17 October 2014


I carried out some research into belly bands after the feedback received, and played with the idea of changing what I had envisioned. I feel I have learnt to be sure of decisions and always listen to feedback and interim stages such as this where changes can easily be made without incurring much additional cost.

I used online sources of inspiration such as Pinterest, Designspiration, Behance and Packaging Blogs to collate the selection of images shown below. Each portray artistic qualities which I like as well as different aesthetic values, tones, colour schemes and concepts, all corresponding to the item behind packaged. 

Above: I really liked the monochrome bellyband contrasting with the vivid colour notebooks which have been packaged in cellophane bags as originally used. I have slowly changed my mind about these and do not think I will use them in the future, as I feel they can hinder the product and cheapen it slightly visually. This also allows the printed detail, and binding to be seen as well as being photographed without lighting reflections (as seen above and in other images posted).

Above: I chose this image due to the unusual shape of the band. Unusual and quirky.

Above: I chose this image due to the type chosen and the type setting. I love how the logo/branding elements and product are kept separate yet together. Also packaged in a cellophane bag.

Above: A similar aesthetic to that of the notebooks I have produced. I like the contrasting kraft paper used for the belly bands against the hand rendered print on the packaged fabric.

Above: I chose this image due to the 'stamp' idea on the belly bands, linking to the product packaged and a personal, individual look and finish to each finished product.

The above two images have the same principles as the kraft paper bands shown above. I specifically like the contrasting type choices on these belly bands.

Above: Elegant, simple and clean cut design. Simple used of sans serif typeface, contrasted with a light serif adding a luxury and high quality undertone.

Above: Illustrative screen printed belly bands. Lovely effect with white on black. 

Above: Cellophane and belly banded notebooks and cards at a print fair shown above. Handmade aesthetic which is what I am going for with this brief and the outcome.

Above: Use of coloured stock.

Above: I chose this image due to the contents being placed on the belly band allowing readers to see its contents without flicking through the magazine and reading it prior to purchase, whilst maintaining its quality whilst on sale. Not applicable to this brief, however a great idea and aesthetic.

Above: I chose this image due to the laser cut details and fluro stock choice, complementing the black and white photography based cover. A very high quality, luxury aesthetic and finish.

Above: Heavily illustrative and complimentary of the product, adding extra detail and brand value.

Above: I chose this image due to the typefaces chosen, the type setting and the quote itself. Very personal touch to a handmade product, and simple in design yet communicates with context and product.

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