Monday, 13 October 2014


Below shows the screen printing process for the notebooks, along with the book binding process using saddle stitching. This process was repeated for all of the different coloured prints and notebooks on an individual basis.

20 sheets of 300gsm Snowdon French Handmade paper at £2.40 per sheet were used to print the cover of the notebooks on. This was to gain a high quality print, and allow the colours to 'pop' off the page, unlike on stark white. I also didn't want to use white stock for the cover, as the inner black pages are white 90gsm.

I am aiming to get 40 notebooks out of these prints - 20 A4 and 20 A5 to make the relevant notebook covers.

Below shows the prints before trimming. I wanted to use experimental printing methods such as gradients, using up to 4 colours to gain a perfect smooth colour change. I also wanted to use bright, fluorescent colours to allow the colours to be eye catching and relevant to the patterns chosen to print. 

I felt I learnt more from this printing process than in the previous two years at college screen printing only occasionally. I feel really competent with the process now, and have always shied away from it before due to its duration and complex processes. However, the more I have experimented the more I feel I have learnt, and learnt to love its outcomes. I love the control over colour you have as well as being hands on with print opposed to always working digitally. Now I feel comfortable with the process and am really happy with the outcome, I feel like I can include this in future briefs and push these styles and processes of working much further.

Below shows the 20 pages trimmed down to both A4 and A5 prints, to make A5 and A6 notebook covers from.

Above: A4 Prints
Below: A5 Prints

Once cut down I had 18 A4 prints and 18 A5 prints, allowing for 36 notebooks, which I felt was pretty good due to being my first time gaging and judging prints and sizing for this sort of work.

Above shows the inner pages folded - 12 A4/A5 pages of 90gsm white uncoated stock.
Below shows the inner saddle stitch of the notebooks. This was done in different colours on different colour notebooks, using blue, orange, black and yellow waxed threads.

Below shows the notebooks stacked ready to package.

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