Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This morning I had a tutorial with Danny at 10am, allowing me to discuss and develop the Notebook brief I am currently mid-way through. 

I made notes throughout the tutorial and have listed the points raised below. I felt the tutorial was positive, engaging and felt that Danny connected with the brief and the work I have done so far for it, allowing for his enthusiasm to help push the brief further and develop it.

He found the overall aesthetic and colour choice unusual but felt it worked with the brief and the stock, packaging and future visions for the product.

He also directed me into areas of research which I am keen to look into.

- Reminded him of Kate Moross in terms of entrepreneurial design and ambition.
- Entrepreneurial crafting and focus could be used more by developing other products using the same print, patterns colours and process'.
- Ask The Village and Colours May Vary about a 3/4 week trial product for 5/6 products, i.e. 5/6 notebooks.
- Print Fairs (Nov 1st at the Corn Exchange in Leeds - look into future ones for products to be sold at.
- What have I learnt from the processes used? i.e. screen printing and book binding.
- Can and are these going to be used in other briefs?
- Brief expansion - Gift Wrap, Tags, Book Marks
- Branding the notebooks - Vinyl based application.
- Colours, gradient and illustration.
- Etsy retailing.
- Stock used > high quality stock, perhaps this should be noted on the packaging, and would therefore also add value.
- Saddle stitching used on all notebooks down the spine using different coloured threads, relevant to the colours used for the prints.

I feel from this I can push the brief forward with much more quickly, easily and simpler than previously thought.

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