Friday, 10 October 2014


To brand the notebooks, I wanted to use my own logo along with a simple word 'notes' describing what the product is and who made it. As I had disregarded belly bands due to the intensity of the prints, I envisioned these being in vinyl. 

I began drawing up some initial ideas of type styles I would be keen to look into using and digitising.

Above: The envisioned branding.

Below shows digital versions of the logo, as when scanned in and live traced, the ones I had drawn didn't look right, or have crisp enough edges. I also felt a standard sans serif or hand written typeface would also be a nice contrast to the screen printed patterns.

Above: Black Jack

Above: Helvetica

Above: Trade Gothic and Personal Branding Logo

This is the branding I decided to try. I brought this into my plotting software, traced the lines and duplicated the logo at a smaller scale in order to cut out of matte black vinyl. 

I will cut one first and try this with the packaging (acetate slip cases) and a notebook inside to see what the overall aesthetic is like, and whether or not it works and functions as the branding appropriately. These are things I want to confirm before applying to all the notebooks.

Above shows circular shapes which will be cut to form sticker to seal the packaging.

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