Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I went into the print room today to complete the screen printing for the first poster in the series. This was the money print which Beth had previously done an initial print run of. 

We decided to change the colours, allowing the print itself to be more visible at a distance unlike the silver which is only very prominent in certain lights. I suggested using green and red hinting at the concept of christmas, whilst being relative to the body copy and relevant print at hand. 

I wanted to print with Neon Green and Red, and a darker, Christmas Tree Green and Crimson Red.

Below shows photographs of the screen printing process and the printed outcome.

Two different greens were used for the background pattern using the first screen. As seen above the neon green is hard to see in the light and makes the page look very pink due to the contrasting colours. I felt the darker green allowed the print to be 100% visible allowing a slight overlay with the red type (2nd screen) allowing for an obviously screen printed finish. 

The prints were printed onto A2 stock, and will need trimming down to A3 and framing once all the prints are completed and printed.

Beth and I were happy with the outcome, and have decided to use this print in the red and green for the final poster series.

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