Tuesday, 7 October 2014


The money poster was completed before the germ poster, so Beth and I decided it was wise to get one underway in terms of screen printing. We went in Wednesday last week and prepared and exposed two screens ready for the printing process to begin.

Two A2 screens were de-greased, washed, coated and exposed with to-scale print outs of the pattern using two layers - the pattern and the type. 

The exposed screens can be seen below.

The following day I had to work at my part-time job, so Beth went in and printed some initial posters using the screens we exposed the day before. 

The colours we both decided to initially print with were:

Silver and Blue
Silver and Red
Silver and Fluorescent Pink

Silver was chosen as the background money to relate to the money aspect of the concept.

Images of the initial print run can be seen below. 

I am going to print another set with a coloured first print (illustration) and dark body copy (black and red).

Black and Silver

Fluro Pink and Silver

Blue and Silver

Red and Silver

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