Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I met up with Karen Morris today in regards to the branding and identity of her driving school and her photography businesses. I was keen to gain an understanding in what Karen was looking for in terms of aesthetics and the tone of voice she wanted to give out to her new clients, past clients and current clients. I was conscious of diving straight in designing to my own tastes, and therefore thought this primary research would be really beneficial to getting the brief up and running!

The points which I took away from the meeting are as follows:

- Readability and Legibility (i.e. vinyl on car), therefore a Sans Serif should be used.
- High-Quality and Trust Worthy Services.
- Reliable and Affordable.
- Simple and Classic in regards to design elements.
- Adaptable to both businesses.
- Versatile and adaptable across a range of printed and digital media.
- Scalable (different printed and digital media).
- Colour: Potentially white car so ideal colours are - Black, Silver, Purple and Blue.

Karen also sent me the images shown below which are logos/branding for similar business which she likes the aesthetic, format and function of. These will be used as a source of inspiration along with the images I had collected prior to our meeting. These were also shown to Karen, to highlight to her the good and bad elements of stereotypical branding for both driving schools/tutors and photographers.

After the meeting I feel much more ready to get on designing the initial branding for the two businesses.

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