Thursday, 13 November 2014


From mine and Karens last conversation regarding the logo design for the ADI/Photography businesses', it was decided that I would work on a few more mock-ups, in order to show how the phone number would look in relation to the logo on the car sticker itself. It was also agreed to produce the Photography variations based on the colour and logo Karen had decided on. This would help her make a final decision on logo design and format before the other elements are designed in relation to the two businesses. 

Mock-ups that were sent to Karen for feedback can be seen below.


Hi Danielle, hope you're OK and you had a good weekend. Been spending some time thinking about the options and looking through all the examples again and I think I still prefer the the blue circle with the white writing and the ADI/Photography to the bottom left. 

Do you think that'll work? Still wasn't sure on whether I should have my full name as the logo but I think this has great impact then I can add my full name as part of the additional info, does that sound good to you?

I was thinking about the door magnets and am thinking of maybe the logo to the left, then additional info to the right of the logo having my name, Approved Driving Instructor, Tel No and website on it? What do you think?

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