Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Alternate Logo:

As noted in my previous post regarding logo design, Karen asked for an alternative logo producing, just to confirm the one I am working on currently is the best option. I think she had a moment of doubt until she saw the alternate, and realised more impact was held in the original. 

I do like the alternate logo, however feel the merged KM is more eye-catching and suitable for 'the road'.

- - - -

Door Magnets:

Once Karen and I had confirmed a logo, I began working on the door magnets, as these have to be right in terms of size and format so that when 'on the road', the type is legible and readable. 

Two different magnet sizes are available 17" x 39" or 30" x 22".  Both dimensions have been experimented with in terms of format - this is the same for the ADI business and the Photography business. 

These were then presented onto a mock-up of a car, a similar shape and the same colour as Karens in order to produce a visual as realistic as possible to ensure Karen with her decisions. 

- - - -

It was decided between Karen and I that, the magnet version being 39" x 17" worked better in terms of format, type size, as well as readability and legibility.

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