Thursday, 6 November 2014


After the meeting with Karen, I went away and began sketching out some basic ideas which I could work on and develop digitally. I was conscious that the Karen Morris element would remain the same for both business' (perhaps with slight adaptions) so would need to work with both 'ADI' and 'Photographer/y'.

A series of different logos were developed and sent over to Karen to see if she had any preference, and for her feedback. I am keen to keep developing different logos, merging ideas and developing new ones from what I have already designed. The main concept I have played with is the merging of 'K' and 'M' allowing a smart, to the point logo which can be effectively designed due to freedom of the letters individually opposed to in full words. I also felt being used across a range of media this could be a good, to-the-point idea to push forward and experiment with.

I have sent these over to Karen to initially review, and feedback has been posted below the images shown:

Hi Danielle! I'm good, thanks, hope you are too. Thanks ever so much for theseI'm not really keen on those on Page 1, sorry. Page 2 is my favourite, really like the look using the extension running off the K, prefer the ones where the Photography and ADI bit stays within the width of the initials too, i.e. under the K rather than the M. Looks good with and without the circle but thinking the circle maybe gives it more of a feel to a logo, not sure tho really. Liking the narrower font there too. Think they look better than the bolder ones on Page 3 too but trying to picture the different things I'll be using it on. Quite like the 1st and 2nd ones on Page 5 too but I still keep going back to Page 2.  Do you think a logo is better using just initials or full name? Does this help at all? Thanks for all the ideas. Xx

From this feedback I will continue to develop the logos which Karen prefers, whilst experimenting with her full name more also within the designs so she can compare the two and see which aesthetic she prefers.

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