Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I have previously noted the existing websites of sustrerias in Spain, and below shows the websites I have collected as inspiration for the Maria del Carmen website. I would like the website to be simple to use and navigate around, whilst looking smart, clean and traditional, keeping in-line with the look books. The language used will be Spanish. From the images collected below, I particularly like the idea of a full-sceen background opposed to white space. However, this will be considered in the design stages of this.

I really like how the full image takes up the entire browser, giving an initial high-impact photograph to the user for a long lasting impression. This also allows for the menu to be rather subtle.

With the example above, I really like the centred approach to the logo, menu, imagery and boxes used for different key elements of the website or current promotions/offers. I feel this example also does not have too much white space, the imagery and content fill the browser without being cramped.

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