Friday, 7 November 2014


Original Design:

The original 'about me' page followed the same format as the 'contact' page, and needed updating in terms of content and aesthetics. 

Rather than having 2 boxes, which aren't aligned alongside each other, I will change this to one large box allowing the content to be placed within this. The new shop photo will also be included on this page in addition to the early days market stall. The page needs to be more cohesive and structured. 

Developed Design:

As noted previously, the 'about me' content, regarding the 'early days' market stalls was included with the 'contact' information. Since working on a new layout for the 'contact' page, this has been used as a template once again for the 'about me' page allowing continuity and structure across all of the pages.

Design After Amendments:

As mentioned above, the content was worked into the template created for the updated 'contact' page. I didn't feel there was much difference between this and the original apart from the elements being systematically placed using a grid structure. I send this off to Charlie to see if he has any constructive feedback.


Hey Danielle,
For this about page.
We want people to be able to click through and view images of her new shop in Harrogate so they can see both the interior and exterior. Suggest this be featured at the top of the page with a title "My magical Harrogate shop" and then below it we have the image of the stall with a title "In the beginning"
Is this ok? I sent some images via wetransfer to choose from for her shop. Obviously just choose a couple and we'll encourage people to click on the images to open up a pop up gallery to view all the images.

Revised Design:

Following the feedback, there wasn't much to change other than the placement of the images and type, i.e. 'my magical harrogate shop' and 'in the beginning'. To show the interior/exterior of the shop, left/right buttons as seen on the home page have been used also on this page to encourage users to flick through the imagery. I feel by doing this it adds a personal and welcoming touch to the website, as if being in the store itself.

This page is waiting to be signed off by Sophie on Monday.

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