Thursday, 6 November 2014


The homepage was the page which would require the most work in terms of alterations and layout/content change. As heading into Christmas, Sophie wants a more Christmas feel to the website through use of imagery and type, which means removing the 'diaries' and 'deckchair' elements for example which are more summer based items. This means the navigation at the top of the page will also need changing accordingly.

A blog is also to be added to this page, meaning the 'where next' element can be removed, as this will be combined when live and in use by Sophie. 

In order to grab the attention of the viewer initially, the main image (top left) which shows featured products (interactive with use of left/right buttons) will be enlarged, will smaller boxes surrounding this (to the right, and beneath).  This will also improve the instant impact the site has when you first 'land' on it. 

The client has asked for some basic site information to be placed on the homepage which can be read by Google so it registers on the search engine (SEO).

The 'call of action' headers will also need making more readable/legible as currently are quite dark and hard to read on screen.

In order to complete these changes, the site itself may need reworking slightly in terms of dimensions, however this will be adjusted accordingly as the designs are carried out.

Original Design:

Developed Home Page Design:

Following the notes that are noted above, changes were made accordingly and then emailed over to my client for feedback. I felt the site instantly looked much better aesthetically, as well as functioning better due to a consistent underlying structure.

The feedback received from Charlie can be seen below:

Hey Danielle,
Cheers for this and it's a really decent start so thanks for this!!
Could I ask you to do a couple of tweaks before I show Sophie!?? I've also sent you an invite to dropbox so you should now be able to use the photos in dropbox.
Just the 3 points below....
1. Could the top left image be the same size as the not on the high street image? 
2. I think to break up the home page up a little, we need a "breaker" box (like Not on the high street) use with the blue "hi there" box. Otherwise it's all a bit too samey! This could be something festive to encourage people in and it would change seasonally. So how about something like "Fabulously festive" as the title with some text below like "Come and take a look at Sophie's magical quirky Christmas collection"
3. The latest blog post section. This is good just a couple of tweaks. So like these examples which have blog post feeding into the home page. We need to have a section title which could be like you have used "Latest Blog Post" or "Sophie's Latest Blog" might be better. Then we need the latest blog post to have a title of the post PLUS either a couple of lines of text but that's not essential as you'll see the examples don't use much text just a title and then important we use the image from the blog like the below examples. So see how it works but you want think we could have more than 1 post feeding into the home page like the below 2 examples do! More visual and interesting that way!

These points were then amended and can be seen below. Again these were sent over to Charlie to review. I felt his feedback was crucial being his wife's site, the director of the studio I am freelancing for, as well as having a wealth of knowledge and experience I can learn from regarding a subject matter I haven't had much experience in. I feel his advice on this piece of web design will really help for future web/digital proposal projects also.

Further Feedback:
I would say these couple of points would be good to tweak:
- The text box in the top right of the site now doesn't really work. So I think this would be best being much further down the page.... and we could probably use a fair bit more text, maybe half of what uses on her home page for example (see under "features products" there is a section of text).
- Would the "love molly" picture attached work in the "sophie likes clothes" box?
- Instead of "Sophie Likes Children" Maybe "Sophie Likes childrenswear" would be more appropriate!!
- Do you think you could see if the "Fabulously festive" box could have a background image to it? Suggest something Christmas like such as a Christmas tree - like examples here

Revised Home Page Design with Amendments:

Some small amendments as noted above were made, which I feel really brought the homepage together nicely and finished it off. This is waiting to be signed off Monday morning by Sophie.

Overall I am really happy with the outcome of the homepage improvement, and feel it is a dramatic change from the original in comparison.

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