Thursday, 6 November 2014


On the back of the 'Birthday Invite' brief which was given to me by Charlie Hartley, Director of Impression DP in Harrogate, I was asked to re-work his wife's website (online store of a gift/homeware shop located in Harrogate). 
The studio is currently 'fully booked' with work until January, and with wanting a re-work in preparation for the Christmas orders, Charlie has decided to outsource to me which I am most grateful for. I don't usually work with web, however feel some digital work would really work well for my portfolio showing extra versatility as a designer. 
The email I received can be seen below:
Yea just waiting for my Mum to hopefully sign off!
Love them though...
Also my wife's website is> It's a few years old now and she's looking to update it with some small tweaks. I see from behance that you're mainly design for print or do you have you any web/digital experience?
Charlie Hartley
Perfect no problem just wanted to check in!!
I will have a look! What sort of thing was she thinking as I have basic knowledge of web but have a graduate friend who knows much more than I do so that may be of use to you.
Thanks Danielle,

Well give it some thought. We're too busy in-house to be able to do the work for Sophie hence why looking to outsource it! It mainly re-working small elements of the site which doesn't require any user experience thought really so you maybe comfortable with it - the home page re-work is the main part that needs plenty of work. Anyway have a look at my notes below and let me know if you'd be interested - it could be good to give you some web experience for the portfolio?

(Along with this email above, attached was a comprehensive list of the elements which would need to be completed, along with imagery. However due to a confidentiality agreement I cannot disclose this information online.)

I felt it would be beneficial to gain some web experience for my portfolio and put me out of my comfort zone. 

Charlie asked to meet on the Wednesday to discuss the brief and agree a timescale and price. 

The deadline was agreed to the 12th of November.

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