Thursday, 6 November 2014


Original Design:

In regards to the product detail page, this does not need much changes in regard to layout, however elements need adding to improve the functionality and ease of use for the shopper. 

The product header will be changed to keep continuity across all of the pages (pink and grey banner with white body copy), as well as adding in tabs for both delivery and returns information. I will also update the social media icons so they are the same as on the previous two pages which have been updated, whilst removing any backgrounds on imagery used as links, i.e. on the 'add to bag' link which has a pale cream background which needs to be removed to look more professional and polished.

A rollover has been used on the product listing page which says 'click me', which I want to continue onto this page in regards to the image zoom. Once rolled over the images turns grey with 'click to zoom'. The image will then open full size, i.e. gallery style.

Developed Design:

Below shows both the entire page and a close up of the elements which have been edited. In regards to this page, my client did not have any critical feedback in regards to amends, and was happy to press on to the next page. He liked the continuity and ease of use for the user in regards to the additional tabs and zoom feature.

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