Thursday, 6 November 2014


So the website has 6 different pages, that are being re-worked and updated in preparation for Christmas, whilst making the website much more user friendly, interactive and personable relating directly to the shop in Harrogate itself.

Original Design:

The original design for the product listing page, as shown below features a 3 column grid system whereby the products are displayed, this is then continued downwards as needed for different product categories.

To update this and make it more user friendly, I am going to change the boxes to 2 columns which will allow the product images to be larger, and much more clear allowing detail to be shown. This will also allow for more space visually, opposed to being quite full on and compact aesthetically.

Furthermore, I want to change the 'products/jewellery' header to one like 'Sophie likes' to keep the brand continuity across all pages. A small introduction to the products will also be listed, i.e. small intro for clothing page, small into for homeware page - introducing the collection/products on offer, perhaps with a small photograph which could change seasonally, or as new lines come into store/online.

Developed and Amended Home Page Design:

Below shows the feedback received from Charlie in regards to the developed listing page design which is also shown below.

The listing page is all good...
Do you know what pixel size the product pictures will be now that they're showing in 2 columns?

The dimensions of the product boxes are 221 x 226 now there are 2 opposed to 3. My client was happy with the page and the new layout and was happy for me to progress onto the next stage of the brief.

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