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To reinforce my knowledge on the brand, as well as to document it, I have obtained the retail environment guidelines for the brand.

History, Target Markets, Merchandise, Promotion and Retail/Brand associations are all discussed throughout the presentation below. Having additional contextual information on the brand will only allow for successful design and thorough research, especially for when pitching to staff and management (possible future prospect).

Brand History, Target Audience and Retail Environment:

Logo Changes:

As the brand was bought and sold, and the expanded over 20 years to an almost International status, the logo and brand image has developed very slightly overtime, even thought the mission statement, brand values, and interior retail environment has not changed at all. 

Aesthetically, AllSaints is known for a muted palette dominated by blacks, browns, whites, and grays, whilst their logo represents the warehouse/industrial aesthetic originally noted with the brand, due to its location in the Spitalfields Market area of London.

Above: 1994

Above: Introduction to the Ramskull.

Above: 2010. 

The brand began to engage with a more minimalistic, luxury approach to their branding relating to the new style of clothing brought into the brand through an ownership takeover.
Above: 2013

Current Logo and Brand Colour:

Above: 2014

'Spitalfields' was dropped in 2014 to give a clean, cut and crisp impression of the brand opposed to being as warehouse industrial. A steel grey colour was also adapted for the branding, consisting of black. grey and white, being entirely monochromatic.

Brand Image and Environment:

All Saints retail stores and concessions are best known for the exposed brick, weathered wood and metal in their interior and the large exterior wall of antique sewing machines that often frame their entrances. The stores are the same visually around the world, with weekly directionals denoting the merchandising for the store.

Above: New York Fashion Week '14

Above: Typical Store Interior

Above: Typical Store Exteriors and Signage.

Above: Promotional Videos of the Collections in association with music culture.

Above: Campaign Imagery Example, A/W '14

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