Tuesday, 9 December 2014


In order to provide an initial structure for the brief, I gave myself a time frame to complete the brief within, whilst noting the first piece of work/research to be carried out.

Time Frame: 

1 week

Primary Research:

The main and first source of primary research which will be vital for the success of the brief. 

This is talking to the staff and managers (store and regional) at All Saints, to find out why they don't have a physical look book, whether they used too, and if so why not now, and finally; what they would expect from one.

Initial Thoughts:

For this brief, I really want to embody the aesthetic value of the brand, whilst keeping the visuals and content of the Look Book the main focus to the viewer, allowing for instant engagement with the clothing and the brand. Therefore, like their website, and other promotional material, i.e. emails, the visual will be primarily image based opposed to type based.

I want to maintain elements of the existing international clothing branding, i.e. logo and colour scheme fully in tact so the finished products are recognisable world wide to a range of cultures and audiences.

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