Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I have collected a range of images forming the aesthetic research in regards to the look books, and the subsequent layout and grid. The images collected show a range of spreads which feature interesting image placement and layouts, with (almost) each page containing more than one image. I found this aesthetic and layout very stimulating and carried on researching from there.

Above: Use of different sized imagery and layout. Very minimal type, image based.

Above: Classic look book layouts - double page spread with full bleed imagery, contrasted with type and image.

Above: I really like the overlapping images on the layouts above. Creates a sense of 3D and depth.

Above: Print/Pattern/Detail Close-up through broken imagery.

Above: Centred images with a white border, and 'look' details. Minimal, clean and smart.

Above: Juxtaposed layout with broken imagery and type.

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