Thursday, 8 January 2015


Once I had established the route I was going down for this brief, I decided to carry out some basic visual research in regards to existing branding and packaging. Again I have commented against the examples which stood out as an influence or inspiration. 

The above bottle looks almost medicinal, with an modern apothecary style label; an usual concept which is quirky, minimal and engaging. I'd buy this!

Pet Head by Bed Head, use the same plastic moulded packaging as for the 'products for people'. Each different product feature a slightly different bottle and colour, whilst this would be very expensive to produce in small batches, as a mass produced product would be a viable and fun solution. It is currently one of the most expensive and upmarket items on the market, with prices ranging around the £10.99 mark.

The above 2 examples show colour coded products, featuring a different colour square or bottle for different products. Both are quite minimal and appear to be engaging for the consumer when on a shelf of products. Both are averagely priced, and mass produced, being sold at around £6.99 in stores such as Pets at Home.

Pets at Home's own brand basic shampoo, a basic natural brand and a basic Chinese brand. Very simple, unattractive packaging however gets straight to the point. Each feature very obvious images or illustrations of dogs even though this may be obvious from looking at the product title and brand.

Above: Again colour coded products in the same bottle/packaging.

A more upmarket product, whereby the subtitle of each product is in a different colour, keeping the bottles consistent throughout. 

Interesting dog-themed product packaging.

Smart, clean and minimal dog treat packaging. Not toiletry based, yet I really like the packaging and the use of vinyl, again allowing the product to be seen through it. It also looks upmarket, and like an expensive, luxury product.

Above shows 2 more conceptually driven brands, featuring dogs in a bold, playful way.

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