Thursday, 8 January 2015


After looking at existing brands and packaging, I began sketching out a few ideas for the brand, titled, 'Four Paws'. I wanted to incorporate some iconography or illustration relating to dogs, whether a paw or a dog itself. I quite liked the idea of a hand written logo, opposed to a minimal one as seen on the majority of the existing products. The product is 'handmade' so this is a worthy route to follow. 

I then began to digitise the bottom right logo from above, using the type face 'johnny quest classic'. I felt this was the perfect balance between digital and hand written type, whilst allowing another more minimal typeface such as 'lekton' to be used in contrast for additional information. 

I tried a couple of variations before falling in love with the bottom right logo. I still felt this needed something more however, and drew up a poodle in a bath. As well as finding this quite comical in some respects, I felt it added a touch of fun to the branding and allowed for it to feel more feminine and appropriate for the target audience, as well as emphasising what the product line actually is. This can be seen below.

I tried to work with some colour, however, felt black worked best with the logo allowing the detailing of the illustration to stand out much better with the logo. I thought in addition to this, it allows for the packaging to be executed in several ways, whilst allowing for cheaper printing for the manufacturer being a large product range, of 8.

To ensure I was happy with the logo, this was mocked up on a glass bottle like previously seen. I feel really happy with the way the logo has turned out, and feel it could really be very effective across a range of different media.

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