Thursday, 8 January 2015


With the logo in place, I began working up some sketches on further packaging for the product, after seeing a similar style packaging (2-part gift box) in Asda whilst browsing the toiletries. 

I wanted the packaging to be quite snug to the product, whilst having a deeper lid covering the front of the box also - this is demonstrated in the sketch shown below. The logo would be on the lid, whilst the product and bar code would be on the base of the product. I feel this will give it a bit of an edge, opposed to being a standard 2-part box.

I ordered some glass bottles and jars, as seen on the mock-up of the logo shown previously (also shown below), and using these dimensions began drawing up the packaging.

Above shows the dimensions of the boxes for both the bottle and the jar.

I also began working out at this stage what specific products I was going to include, using the research previously collected.

As seen below, the ingredients and name for each product, have been written out, and again mocked up on a bottle to see how this would look once executed. The font 'lekton' has been used once again to reflect and contrast against the logo.

Using the dimensions and sketches drawn up, nets were produced in order to mock-up packaging. I wanted to print and make the boxes to see how they would look when made, and also to confirm size. This also allowed help place the contents and information needed, as well as to work out the correct point sizes for the different elements of typography in relation to the packaging - box base and lid.

Following this, labels for the bottle and jars were drawn up for each of the 8 products to scale, 3x3cm and 6x6cm - each will be scaled appropriately. This will either be printed as white labels or on clear vinyl, allowing the product to be shown through the glass bottle.

- - - -

Following designing all of the nets for the boxes, I printed the labels as seen above to scale on transparent vinyl. This allows the the product to be seen behind the logo and type, whilst causing a nice contrast in terms of colour and tone. Once I was happy with one of the bottles, the labels were placed on the front and back of both the 4 bottles, and 4 jars. An example of this is seen below:

I then went on to produce the boxes, based on a mock-up I had previously created to test function. type placement, point size and overall box size: 

I decided in terms of stock to stay away from obvious pink, avoiding a stereotypical female product, and used a 160gsm rose grey murano hair based stock for the lids, and cream 160gsm stock for the bottom. The stock lends well to the organic/natural theme, as well as working well with the neutral colour of the branding and packaging themselves. 

The nets were cut out by hand, folded and secured using double sided tape, in order to avoid glue marks.

A belly band was made for the shampoo and conditioner combo, whilst ribbon pulls were attached to the lid of the boxes, adding a further luxury element, whilst protecting the packaging further. An example of a completed box can be seen below:

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