Thursday, 8 January 2015


Here I wanted to try and gain and better understanding of the packaging I would use for the products themselves. I collected a series of images showcasing packaging I feel fits with the brief and target audience, allowing a more advised decision. The product should look smart, and upmarket, showcasing a luxury yet fun product. 

I took a particular fancy to glass bottles, almost apothecary like, yet a more modern updated version. Different styles are shown below.

Dark brown glass - Medicinal Aesthetic.

Simple glass bottles, with corked tops, steel caps and a spray top. Allows the product to be seen, easy to add a label or vinyl sticker, whilst be smart and a cheap solution. Looks more expensive than they are with additional detailing.

Plastic bottles can also be a good solution - cheap to buy yet can look upmarket, and luxury with branding and good execution as shown on the example above.

Above shows a series of packaged bottles and products, showing how a selection could be packaged as a further line. In particular I like the last example as it looks smart, clean and handmade, whilst appearing upmarket and worthy of the additional cost to the consumer, without adding much additional value to the manufacturer.

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