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Keeping the brief in line with the content, the visual aesthetic needs to be clean, smart and up-market, with an overarching luxury feel. I wanted to look into existing magazines and supplements to gain further inspiration and ideas in terms of layout, grid, type and image. Below shows a selection of magazines/supplements which I feel are relevant to the style and aesthetic I would like to portray throughout the lifestyle and culture editions.

Paper magazine issue No.40, supplement to Imerisia (Athens based Financial Newspaper) by Manos Daskalakis.

This example was chosen due to its high editorial nature, aesthetic and type selection. The serif used on the first page is a luxury, fashion typeface similar to Didot or Bodoni adding a sense of both luxury and class to the publication. I also really like the variety of layouts used throughout keeping the same visual style and elements for consistency, yet being more stimulative and interesting for the reader.

The Spring colour campaign is an annual,  three week muti-channel, muti-territory campaign to celebrate and currate the best make up launches for Spring 2014 (Source).

I selected this look book/magazine to its super clean and fresh layout, as well as the use of simplistic sans serif typefaces running throughout the body copy. I feel this allows engagement with a younger audience, yet takes away the quality and seriousness of the topic.

The magazine of moving culture, art and design. This is a magazine that focuses on three different cities. We can discover the cities by different artists living there, places to go, best spots, creative places, ...

The example shown below is much more modern, hipster style editorial in terms of layout, type and colour. I think this looks really pleasing, clean and smart, yet don't think this feels luxury enough for the lifestyle and culture supplement.

year of production 2013. Shanghai, China

Manifesto is a publication of Design Republic, a design furniture retailer in Shanghai, China. It covers various themes form field of architecture, art, culture and design. Each issue has its theme and all the content is aligned with it. 
Issue 019 was dedicated to the theme of Contemporary Narratives. Following the topic through the areas of architecture, design, art various stories were collected around the world to show differences and ways a certain narrative can be told and shared. 

I really like the use of smaller images, larger text and a combination of layouts used for this supplement. I think the overall layout using negative space and one colour only for the body copy really gives a smart, sophisticated and up-market aesthetic/tone.

The following series of images have been collected from Designspiration, in regards to Layout and Editorial Design:

A further series of double page spreads have been posted below, showing layout, type and image used which I really like. I love the use of type columns and type choices used below - and the slight overlap of the type is sophisticated yet young and on trend.

Above: A more illustrative, collage based approach - suited to younger audiences, however possibly not suited for focusing on the luxury lifestyle and cultures which are associated with the cities being discussed.

Above: I really like the indented numbers and letters opposed to bullet points or lists - with a nice elegant typeface this would look really high-end and up-market.

Above: A few examples of overlapping type and imagery with a contrasting typeface - really like this trend, and could work well with the audience and context of the supplement depending on the layout chosen.

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