Monday, 9 February 2015


After our meeting on Friday, we each agreed to work up a series of posters each based on the cogs and logos we had each designed, which would be taken to the crit on Wednesday in order to gain feedback on our ideas, and designs so far as a group. From here we planned to go ahead with our own work and meet again on Monday afternoon to view each others ideas.

Once we had looked at each others work, it appeared we had similar ideas and thoughts on how to set out the posters, however suggested further cogs which fit into the central cog on each poster, as well as perhaps using a clipping mask of a photograph of each city for the cog, opposed to a colour. We felt colour dates the design, and is more restrictive to audience.

We are looking forward to the crit on Weds, and look forward to receiving constructive feedback to help guide us through the project as a group to the presentation.

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