Tuesday, 3 February 2015


We gathered into our groups today to discuss possible concepts for the DBA brief. Between the four of us, we decided it would be best to go away and think of an idea each for the Northern Powerhouse, and then to meet up again in a couple of days and pick the best idea to work from.

My idea for the concept was quite simple - literally a powerhouse showing the industrial sides of the cities noted, whilst including 4 towers - one for each city. I felt this idea was really obvious and simple, and would probably be thought of by other groups also. However, I felt this was a concept/idea which could be built upon easily in different ways using symbols or icons to represent each city visually.

I came up with a few illustrations to help explain my idea to the group. These can be seen below, however if to go ahead would need much more work and detail - however this works okay for now to get the point across sufficiently. 

We have decided our next group meeting would be on Friday, where we will join and discuss our individual ideas before progressing.

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